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Founded by the husband and wife team of Chelsea and Kyle, Jax Phone Repair strives to provide the best customer experience in the repair industry. Backed by over 7 years of experience in mobile device repairs, Jax Phone Repair does things a little differently. If you’ve ever patronized one of the large  stores, you’ve probably been a little overwhelmed by the crowd, the wait time and the lack of personal service. We consider our customers family because without you, there is no us. We promise to provide competitive prices, the highest quality parts available, a speedy repair process and a stress free environment. Enjoy the amenities of our modern lobby while we take care of your precious mobile device.

Thanks for being part of the Jax Phone Repair family!

Locally Owned

We aren’t just a web site; we are a team of local professionals ready to assist in any manner possible.  Jax iPhone Repair is located in Jacksonville.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

All of our certified pre-owned devices are backed with a 90-day warranty against any defects. Jax iPhone Repair also offers a limited LIFETIME warranty on all repairs. We will fix the defect, replace the part, product or device for as long as you own the device.

*Some exclusions apply. Click here for our full warranty

Best Parts

We stand behind our work by providing knowledgeable personnel and the best parts available.  We can fix almost anything: Go ahead, try us! If you’re not sure what repair is needed, our diagnostic services are always free!

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Quick Repairs

Our professional and experienced staff is ready to fully repair your device to like new condition, and have it back in your hands in as little as 10 minutes! Most repairs are completed while you wait.

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Affordable Options

Replacing your iPhone during the contract period can cost as much as $599. With our repair services you can save 90% or more vs. iPhone replacement. Jax iPhone Repair offers fair and affordable prices for our devices and repairs!

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“Dropped my new iPhone 4 in the toilet! Total panic mode!!! Fast service and fixed right the first time!”
Darren S.
“My phone was dropped off my boat and I barely saved it. Before I knew not to try to turn my phone on, I kept pressing the power button. So I had no faith in having my phone being able to work again, little did i know! Excellent Service, phone works just like New (or when i had it before it got wet). Sent the phone overnight to them on Monday, got the phone back on Wednesday, good as New. Unbelievable considering the other options available.”
Frankie H.
“A successful repair after some numskull washed his phone. Great service.”
James G.
“I had someone else try to fix my iPhone over 6 weeks ago. They told me I needed to replace the motherboard and it would be cheaper to replace the phone (and there was much sadness). I don’t remember how I found SmartPhone Solutions, but they fixed my iPhone and had it back to me in 2 days (and there was much rejoicing). I can’t believe how much I missed my iPhone.

Fast and professional. I don’t know if I’ll take better care of my iPhone now, but if something happens to it, I’ll definitely be back.”

John B.
“Jaxiphonerepair replaced the glass on my iPhone after I dropped it while turning on the light in the bathroom. They did an excellent job. Just $39. The cheapest I found anywhere. I sent in my phone and had it back in 2 days! You could also buy the parts on ebay for about $60 and do it yourself, but I would not recommend that for most people. Hopefully, I will never break the glass on the phone again, but if I do, I’ll send it back here for replacement.”
Cathy S.
“Despite a form fitting protective cover a 2 foot fall cracked the screen of my phone. Apple was more than happy to provide me a replacement at a cost of $199 (a new model cost $99??). So after some searching I found smartphone solutions. I did not do enough research (such as reviews like these) and was very hesitant to use this service. I read horror stories of people trying to do this repair themselves after ordering the parts. There is one video of a guy hammering his phone to bits after failing to make the repair properly. It is devastating when you ruin your phone, it is conversely very uplifting to be so pleasantly surprised at such a good deal and great service. Better shape than before I broke it! $160 less than Apples’ solution and zero aggravation over trying to do it myself and waiting for parts to arrive, etc.”
Darryl S.
“I am so impressed with the professionalism of this company! Although I was at first skeptical of sending my precious iPhone off for repairs, after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. I mailed my phone late on Friday afternoon, and it was in my mailbox Tuesday. Amazing! Also, the quality of the repair is exceptional. Although I hope that I don’t have to have my phone repaired again, if I do, I know where to go. I will certainly recommend my friends. Thanks”
Gina A.
“Washed my iphone in the laundry and I thought it was ruined. Apple wouldn’t repair it and wanted me to buy a replacement. I’m so glad I found smartphone solutions.”
Dave B.