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Jax Phone Repair is an authorized reseller for Mophie, Belkin, LG, PureGear, Nimbus 9 and many more!

PureGear Cases

In our opinion, Pure Gear is the best phone case currently available. Not only does it offer military tested protection, Pure Gear will send you a $100 gift card if your phone screen breaks within a year! Hands down the best value in smartphone cases. Click Here For More Info.

Screen Protectors

We sell Mahngo tempered glass screen protectors. They provide excellent protection against future screen damage.


Bluetooth Headsets? Yeah we love them too. We sell the LG Tone series. In our opinion, the best headset series that’s currently available.

Portable Batteries

Portable battery chargers are the most convenient product on the market. Whether you’re at the beach, on the boat or in a storm these will keep your phone charged up and ready to go. We sell Mophie and Spigen brand battery chargers, leading brands in mobile accessories.

Charging Cables

Lightning cable. USB-C. Micro USB. We sell charging cables to fit nearly any smartphone. We have factory OEM Apple lightning cables for $14.99. The same exact cable that is included when you buy a new iPhone.

Nimbus9 Cases

We also offer Nimbus 9 Cirrus cases. These are a more affordable option, less bulky then our Pure Gear cases while still offering Military grade protection.